1. How will COVID-19 affect how the competition runs?

If the current travel restrictions have not been lifted by the competition draw on 22 June, 2021 we will still draw and contact the winner the same way, but instead of asking them to verify their identity in person, we will request that they send their certified identification documents via secure post directly to our solicitor for verification, and to begin the property conveyance. 

​2. How do I enter the competition?

The competition is now closed.

3. How many tickets have been sold? 

73,000 tickets were sold.


4. What are the prizes?

As we were not able to sell the required 130,000 to award Cefn Isa Farmhouse as the main prize, we are alternatively awarding a minimum cash grand prize of £280,000 to the winner.

5. How is the winner chosen?

On 22 June, 2021 at 12 noon, under the supervision of a solicitor and invited members of the media, we will choose the winner on Facebook Live using a random number generator. Please note, only Entries containing the correct answer to the question and valid contact information will be submitted in the draw, so please take care when entering the competition!

We will then contact the winner by email and telephone. The winners information will not be shared on our website, or publicly until they have accepted the prize and confirmed their identity with our solicitor. If the winner does not respond within 28 days from the prize draw, we will then use the random number generator to choose another winner.

Please note: As stated by the UK Gambling Commission's guidelines, if you did not answer the skill testing question correctly when making your purchase, the ticket(s) will not be included in the main draw on June 22nd.


6. Is this legal?

Yes, this prize competition is 100% legal.

While still rare, prize competitions to win a property are legal in the UK, if conducted correctly.

We have worked very hard to ensure our competitions adhere to all current guidelines of the Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority.

Because you were required to answer a “Skill Testing Question” before you can purchase a ticket, and you were given a free postal option, we were able to conduct the competition.

We have also worked closely with our Gaming and Competition Solicitor to create a fair and transparent experience for every entrant.


7. Are ticket numbers assigned?

Yes, your ticket numbers can be viewed by logging in to your members account page.

If you have entered by post, you will receive those ticket numbers separately by email.