1. How Will COVID-19 affect how the competition runs?

If the current travel restrictions have not been lifted by the competition draw on 22 June, 2021 we will still draw and contact the winner the same way, but instead of asking them to verify their identity in person, we will request that they send their certified identification documents via secure post directly to our solicitor for verification, and to begin the property conveyance. 


We also ask every entrant to please donate £1 with your ticket purchase to help support The Children's Society during their Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. Every pound enables them to provide lifelines to vulnerable children across the country.

​2. How do I enter the competition?

First, click on the “Enter the Competition” button at the top of the page.

You will be taken to the Sign In page to enter your contact information, confirm you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and subscribe to our newsletters about future competitions. 

You will then need to answer our question, enter the amount of tickets you would like to purchase, add a £1 donation, then confirm your payment before being taken to the Paytriot payment page where you can enter your card details.

We cannot at this time accept payments by American Express.

You will automatically receive an email receipt, and the transaction will appear as "UKCOMPBUSINESS.CO" on your bank statement.

You must answer the question correctly to be successfully entered in to the Prize Draw. 

Alternatively, you can enter by post. Please see below for more details.


3. What are the prizes?

The main prize is Cefn Isa Farmhouse, which will be awarded unfurnished, valued at £485,000!!

When we meet our sales target of 130,000, the competition will end, and we will confirm that the main prize will be Cefn Isa Farmhouse.

All UK conveyance fees up to and including £2,000.00 inc. VAT and taxes including Stamp Duty will be covered.

£10,000 will also be awarded to the person who generates the most ticket sales through sharing their unique URL.


4. What is my URL and how do I use it?

Every entrant to CwellynDream2 will be given a unique link (URL) to our website. This will appear on your members account page after you purchase a ticket. You can copy and paste this link to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platform.

If someone uses your URL to enter the CwellynDream2 competition, you will get credited in your Member Account under "Ticket Sales Generated".  For every 5 ticket sales you generate, you will receive 1 bonus ticket for the main prize, Cefn Isa Farmhouse!

Please note: You cannot earn bonus tickets by purchasing tickets through your own URL.

And remember, we will be awarding £10,000 to the person who generates the most ticket sales by then end of the competition!  So get sharing and good luck!

5. How is the winner chosen?

On 22 June, 2021 at 12 noon, under the supervision of a solicitor and invited members of the media, we will choose the winner on Facebook Live using a random number generator. Please note, only Entries containing the correct answer to the question and valid contact information will be submitted in the draw, so please take care when entering the competition!

We will then contact the winner by email and telephone. The winners information will not be shared on our website, or publicly until they have accepted the prize and confirmed their identity with our solicitor. If the winner does not respond within 28 days from the prize draw, we will then use the random number generator to choose another winner.


6. Is this legal?

Yes, this prize competition is 100% legal.

While still rare, prize competitions to win a property are legal in the UK, if conducted correctly.

We have worked very hard to ensure our competitions adhere to all current guidelines of the Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority.

Because you are required to answer a “Skill Testing Question” before you can purchase a ticket, and you are given a Free Postal Entry option, we are able to offer Cefn Isa Farmhouse as a prize.

We have also worked closely with our Gaming and Competition Solicitor to create a fair and transparent experience for every entrant.

7. What if fewer than 130,000 tickets are sold?

We will do absolutely everything to make this competition a complete success, however, we will not be able to award Cefn Isa Farmhouse as the main prize if we do not reach our sales target of 130,000 valid entries. In this unlikely scenario, we will alternatively award the winner a cash prize totalling the sum of all net ticket sales, minus a maximum of 20% for administration fees. 

The cash prize structure will be as follows:

10,000 tickets sold - £38,000 Cash Prize

20,000 tickets sold - £76,500 Cash Prize

40,000 tickets sold - £153,000 Cash Prize

80,000 tickets sold - £305,500 Cash Prize

100,000 tickets sold - £382,000 Cash Prize

120,000 tickets sold - £458,500 Cash Prize

130,000 tickets sold - Cefn Isa Farmhouse guaranteed to be awarded!

When the ticket sales reach 130,000 we will issue a statement on our website informing all entrants that the competition has ended and Cefn Isa Farmhouse is confirmed as the prize.

Please note, the cash prize for sharing the URL will be reduced to £2,500 if the minimum number of tickets are not sold.  

8. Why have we chosen 130,000 as the ticket sales target?

We have chosen 130,000 ticket sales as our target to award Cefn Isa Farmhouse as the prize because this amount totals £650,000.

In calculating this amount, we took into account the following expenses:

- Awarding the £10,000 prize to the person who generates the most ticket sales by sharing their unique URL

- Approximately £40,000 in Merchant Gateway Fees

- Approximately £45,000 in Marketing and Advertising Expenses

- Approximately £70,000 in Admin/Legal Expenses & Website/Domain Support

These expenses total £165,000, and when taken from our sales target of £650,000, will leave £485,000 - the current market value of Cefn Isa Farmhouse.


9. Why haven't I received my email receipt yet?

It could take up to 48 hours to receive your email receipt because this is a high volume competition. If you haven't received it within 48 hours then please try the following:

- Check if you are using the same email address that you used when you purchased the ticket

- Check your Junk or Spam folders

If you still cannot find your email after trying these methods, please feel free to contact us at any time.


10. Are ticket numbers assigned?

Yes, ticket numbers will be assigned, but not until the competition closes. This is because entrants can make further purchases through their account, and we also offer the chance to earn bonus tickets through sharing your unique URL. When the competition closes we will assign a number to every ticket, and each entrant will have access to their ticket numbers before the draw takes place.


11. Where is the property located?

Cefn Isa Farmhouse is located outside Rhoslan Village, just north of Criccieth in North Wales.


12. Can I enter through the post?  

Yes you can, but only if you are a resident of the UK.

Postal entries are free of charge, and must include the answer to the “Skill Testing Question”, your full name, telephone/mobile number, date of birth and email address. You can find the skill testing question below, along with our address.

Each postal entry must be written on an individual postcard, with first-class postage, and you must retain a proof of posting for that specific entry.

Skill Testing Question:

Which famous North Wales location was used in the new movie Wonder Woman 1984?

a) Beddgelert

b) Swallow Falls

c) Caernarfon Castle

d) Portmeirion

Please post your entry to the following address:



P.O. Box 397

Ware, SG12 4GL